Fertility Test

Product List

1. Pregnancy Test (hCG)

2. Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

Test Format

One Step Casette Pack

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The one step cassette pack is a rapid, qualitative sandwich dye conjugated immunoassay packaged in convenient plastic cassettes. By adding urine or serum sample to the sample window, an accurate and visually distinguishable indicator would appear in minutes. It is packaged with a pipette and desiccant bag under low humidity in an opaque, airtight pouch that preserves the longevity of our product to a shelf life of up to twenty four months at room temperature of 2-30°C.


Fertility Test

The midstream test is designed with user-friendly concept in mind. Simply slide the clear splashguard to expose the absorbent tip. Hold the end of the splashguard with the absorbent tip directly under the urine for five to ten seconds and read the result in minutes. No need to collect urine sample.