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One Step Pregnancy Test

Our hCG pregnancy test has earned outstanding recognition in the region. The test provides the following criteria: fast flow, fast reaction, clear background, clear result, and with the highest sensitivity. Test formats available for pregnancy test include dipstick, one-step cassette and midstream tests kits.

* OPT, Quikscrin, Accupack, Sureplus ,Easysure, Uripro and AHP Diagnostic are registered trademark of Allen Healthcare Products (M) Sdn Bhd.

SureTest™ Multi-Drugs of Abuse Test Cups

SureTest™ is a split-sample test cup with all the chemical reagents insulated in the double layered sidewall, which makes the test components untouchable from the outside of the cup walls. The Sure Test™ device employs a unique split sample technology developed by Allen Healthcare Products. When urine is collected in the test cup, a small volume, sufficient for testing, is split into a test chamber of the device and produces a drug test result within a few minutes. The split urine sample does not flow back into the main cup reservoir. This leaves the urine specimen in the main reservoir uncontaminated. Up to 12 tests can be done in one urine specimen. It can be configured with any of the tests below.

Cardlab™ Multi Drug Tests

CardLab™ Multi Drug Tests is another in our product line that we are very proud of. An extension of the dipstick strip test, designed with multiple testing capabilities. This design best suites the drug abuse screening with two or more test zones producing multiple results from one person’s urine sample.

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